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Bluesound ups the ante with their POWERNODE (Gen 3). This version of their amplified wireless music player gives you even finer detail from your high-resolution audio files than previous models. Its built-in high-performance stereo amplifier now boasts 80 watts per channel to drive virtually any pair of speakers you choose — even floor-standing speakers. And upgraded DAC (digital-to-analog converter) circuitry makes this POWERNODE the cleanest-sounding version yet.

Bluesound Powernode Black

  • The POWERNODE can play just about any digital music you might have in your collection, including high-resolution files up to 32-bit/384kHz. Access the music stored on your computer or a networked hard drive, or tap into internet radio stations and online streaming services like Spotify® or TIDAL (subscription required for some services). And you can use the POWERNODE to enjoy your SiriusXM subscription.

    You can also enjoy downloads from high-res music sites such as HDtracks. The POWERNODE also features a USB input for playing files from a thumb drive or external hard drive.

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