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Digital Movie Board and Media Kit

You've never seen a movie poster app like this before. Not satisfied with wanting to be a "me too" app we have set out to develop an extremely flexible and powerful movie poster app that is also gorgeous and easy to use. Our DMB OS movie poster app "PRO" is custom coded from the ground up and available in either the DMP-02 Media Player which you can add to your existing TV, or packaged on our complete solution digital movie boards in 55" and 43" models. Our "PRO" movie poster app is compatible with many services like Kaleidescape, Plex, YouTube streaming, and our own DMB TV.

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The DMB OS Pro App

Our all new DMB OS "PRO" Movie Poster App is a full featured and highly customizable app that allows you to display and control how movie posters, movie trailers, music videos, and other media is displayed on your TV screen. 


DMP-02 Media Kit

Everything is included for you to turn any 4K TV with an HDMI input into our Digital Movie Board "Pro" movie boards. The DMP-02 Media Player comes pre-installed with our DMB OS PRO Movie Poster App.

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43" and 55" Movie Boards

Our Digital Movie Board "Pro" is the ultimate digital movie poster board. Running our DMP-02 media player and built around a Samsung 4K display. Display animated banners above and below the movie poster, movie trailers, and more.

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