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WiiM Pro Audiophile Grade Music Streamer.


Experience your favorite music like never before with Wiim Pro's exceptional audio quality. Engineered with audiophiles in mind, this streamer delivers studio-grade sound reproduction, preserving every nuance and detail of your tracks. From soaring highs to resonant lows, immerse yourself in a sonic landscape that mirrors the artist's intent.

Play music from everywhere with multi-room audio. Easily build your multiroom sound system with your existing AirPlay 2 speakers, Amazon Echo, and Google Home devices. Using your legacy audio devices, you can create a more flexible multiroom sound system with multiple WiiM Pros, WiiM Minis, or Linkplay-powered devices. WiiM Pro supports multiroom from various audio source inputs, including WiFi, BT, Aux, and SPDIF input, making it versatile with almost every music listening option.


  • Audiophile Grade Music Streamer
  • AirPlay 2 - Stream audio from iPhone, iPad, Mac computer or Apple TV to one or multiple audio devices at the same time. Use Siri on your phone or HomePod to control music selection, volume, and playback.
  • Chromecast Audio - Stream music, TV audio, radio station, podcast and local content from Chromecast-enabled apps to one or multiple audio devices at the same time. Use Google voice assistant in your phone, speaker and TV to control music playback.
  • Gapless Playback Hi-Res 192 kHz, 24-bit Music
  • Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect & Amazon Music Casting
  • Works With Alexa, Google Voice & Siri
  • Agnostic Multiroom Streaming - WiiM Pro lets you stream music throughout your home via almost every your smart speaker including Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Amazon Alexa or our own multiroom function.
  • Music Alarm and Sleep Timer
  • 10-band graphic EQ and parametric EQ - Cater to your listening taste by applying multiple EQ options including the 26 preset EQs, bass/treble adjustment.
  • Premium Hi-Fi DAC
  • 12 V trigger - 2.5 mm port to connect cable with your amplifier to automatically turn it on or off.

WiiM Pro Audiophile Grade Music Streamer

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