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Video recorders are the heart of your cctv system. With the NVR302-08S2-P8 you can be sure that your security cameras are in good hands. This IP video recorder is perfect for standard installations with up to 8 security cameras. 4K Ultra HD resolution, 2 SATA hard drive bays, and 8 POE ports built in.

The NVR302-08S2-P8 is just what your system needs to ensure fast, powerful, and reliable surveillance 24/7.

This NVR does not include a hard drive. Don't forget to add a hard drive.

UNV NVR302-08S2-P8 8-Channel 4K NDAA Compliant PoE NVR

SKU: NVR302-08S2-P8
  • Connect up to 8 IP cameras to the integrated Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports for a truly plug-and-play surveillance experience. Each security camera only requires a single ethernet cable to connect it to the NVR thanks to PoE technology.

    This all-in-one ethernet cable provides both power and video transmission to the camera up to 300ft. This means that you won't need to run a separate power cable to your cameras, making installation much easier!

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