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Need to capture a wide horizontal area in your video surveillance system? You could install a PTZ, but then you could only record half of the area at a time. You could install two cameras facing opposite directions, but then you need more money, more labor, more storage space, more NVR channels. Well now there is a third option.

Meet Uniview's wide angle bullet with two 4mm 4MP lenses with ColorHunter illumination and deep learning AI! This camera splices images together from two separate lenses to create an ultra-wide 160° horizontal field of view. The splicing is seamless, so you won't even notice a gap. The splicing is also configurable, so you can add or remove 10° if you need to dial it in even more.

In addition to two lenses, this camera also has two microphones pointing in opposite directions, giving you a clear and immersive audio experience. With a speaker on the bottom of the camera, you also have the ability to use the 2-way audio functionality to communicate with people through your camera.

The ColorHunter illumination allows your camera to see in full color 24/7, day or night. Instead of IR lights and black-and-white footage, this camera kicks on its powerful while light at night, maintaining clear and crisp color footage all the time.

This wide angle bullet is embedded with Uniview's deep learning artificial intelligence algorithm and is optimized for recognizing human bodies. What does this mean for you? It means you can set up recording events or push notifications based on human only motion detection. You don't have to worry about getting false alarms, a million notifications, or wasted storage space. You'll only get notified when your camera detects a human being.

The IPC2K24SE-ADF40KMC-WL-I0 is the best camera on the market for wide-angle video surveillance. With an excellent resolution, 24/7 color footage, and human body detection, this ultra wide angle bullet camera will bring you more video surveillance coverage for less.

UNV IPC2K24SE-ADF40KMC-WL-I0 4MP Wide Angle Weatherproof 24/7 ColorHunter Bullet

  • Camera Type IP
    Form Factor Bullet
    Resolution 4MP
    Max Resolution 3840 x 1080
    Frames Per Second 25 FPS
    Image Sensor 1/2.9″, Progressive Scan, CMOS
    Lens Type Fixed Lens
    Focal Length 4mm
    Field of View 160.00°±10°
    Video Compression Ultra H.265, H.265, H.264
    Max Video Bitrate 16Mbps
    Weatherproof Rating IP67
    Audio 2-Way Audio
    Onvif Compatible Yes
    Intelligent Events Human Body Detection
    Artificial Intelligence No
    Onboard Storage Up to 256GB
    Power Supply DC12V, POE
    Power Consumption Max 6.5W
    Operating Temperature -22°F ~ 140°F (-30°C ~ 60°C)
    Weight 2.09lb (0.95kg)
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