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  • 1920 x 1080 @ 60fps
  • Custom OSD allows various vehicle information to be overlaid on the video image
  • Built-in vehicle & license plate recognition algorithm can recognize standard license plates of multiple countries
  • Supports license plate detection and recognition for up to 2 lanes in road scenes
  • Supports recognition of up to 10 vehicle body colors
  • Supports allow list and block list configurations
  • Supports vehicle access control when connected to a barrier
  • Supports Micro SD cards of up to 128 GB
  • IP67 and IK10

UNV HC121@TS8CR-Z FullHD 1080p @ 60fps ANPR License Plate Recognition

  • Supported NVRs: NVR302-08E2-P8 & NVR302-16E2-P16, NVR304-16E2-P16 & NVR304-32E2-P32, NVR304-16X & NVR304-32X, NVR308-16X & NVR308-32X & NVR308-64X, NVR516-64 & NVR516-128, NVR824-128R & NVR824-256R

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