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Say goodbye to black and white surveillance footage with Uniview’s ColorHunter IP security cameras! With ultra lowlight technology and an adjustable floodflight, ColorHunter cameras will give you an excellent, high-quality, and full-color image 24/7.

In addition to 24/7 color technology, ColorHunter cameras are also built with Uniview’s game-changing Deep Learning artificial intelligence. You can set up filters to watch for human or vehicle movement and rest assured knowing that your camera will no longer trigger false alarms.

Other incredible features include crisp 5MP video with a 16x9 aspect ratio, an IP67 weatherproof rating, a microSD card slot that can hold up to 256GB of internal storage, and more.

UNV 5MP ColorHunter Weatherproof Bullet IP Security Camera with Deep Learning AI

SKU: IPC2225SE-DF40K-Wl-I0
  • The IPC2225SE-DF40K-Wl-I0 captures video up to a resolution of 5MP @ 30 FPS, which is 2880x1620 pixels. Every pixel added to your camera's picture gives you a higher image quality and more detail. So at 5MP, you're going to get a crisper, cleaner, and more detailed image.

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