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Halo is Parasound’s premier line with a reputation for going head-to-head with the most expensive equipment on the market while costing a fraction of the price. Halo has earned honors and awards that are unmatched. The Halo A series is a high-performance Class A/AB multi-channel amplifier. We are very proud of this achievement of Parasound engineering in concert with legendary audio equipment designer John Curl. John Curl has been designing for Parasound since 1989. He was already a legend in the '70s for designing and building mixing consoles for The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. He has designed some of the most iconic and highest regarded audio equipment in the world. Curl’s inspired designs have earned Parasound world-wide acclaim and our stunning A Series builds on this storied heritage.

Parasound Halo Series 400 watt X 5 Channel Amplifier

  • The heart of the A Series power supply is a massive toroid power transformer up to 2.2 kVA. It is custom designed for well-contained radiated hum, high efficiency, and high power. The transformer has independent secondary windings and this provides more than ample voltage to each channel's power supply under the most strenuous operating conditions. Separate windings for each channel improves stereo imaging by reducing interchannel crosstalk and allows each channel to deliver up to 400 watts per channel at the same time.

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