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The versatile Marantz AV8805A pre-amplifier redefines the audiophile home cinema and music listening experience with 13.2 channel processing capability, 8K pass-through, and support for the latest in surround sound audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X®, DTS:X® Pro, IMAX Enhanced®, and Auro-3D®. Marantz’ proprietary technologies enhance any audio playback for the most demanding of listeners. Stream music throughout the property with HEOS® Built-in for a complete audio experience from your customers’ favorite streaming services. With the new Marantz AV8805A, you will deliver incredible fidelity and unparalleled audio precision.

Marantz AV8805A 13.2 Ch 8K Pre-Amplifier

  • The 13.2 channel AV8805A with 15.2 channel XLR and RCA outputs provides a flexible yet detailed pre-amplifier stage for the advanced cinema enthusiast. Enjoy it with acoustically matching Marantz MM series power amplifiers, like the MM8077, and immerse your customer in three-dimensional audio provided by the latest integrated surround formats, including Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® Pro, IMAX Enhanced® and Auro-3D®.

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