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The Focal 100 IW6 is a two-way, in-wall coaxial speaker designed for small to medium sized rooms in home applications. It can be used in distributed systems, like hallways and living areas, stereo systems for living rooms and bedrooms, as well as part of a home theater system. The IW6 is even ideal for humid environments such as a bathroom or kitchen.

F100IW6 Focal 6.5" In-Wall 2-Way Loudspeaker (each)

SKU: F100IW6
  • The 100 IW6 features a 6-1/2" Polyglass cone midbass driver and a 1" aluminum inverted dome tweeter. The speaker's compact unibody and new crossover were designed to improve sound dispersion and off-axis listening. The tweeter can be tilted up to 20˚ in any direction and includes a 3-way switch for adjusting the output level according to the acoustic environment with selections of -3dB, 0dB, and +3dB. A second 3-way switch allows the same type of adjustment for the midrange frequencies with selections of -2dB, 0dB, and +2dB. The speaker comes with a paintable, magnetic, metal-mesh grill. Small magnets around the rim of the speaker allow the grill to be easily placed and removed with no tools required. Two spring-posts are provided for attaching speaker wire.

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