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The Episode® Terrain Landscape Speaker System is a low-cost landscape system, designed to bring stunning sound to the outdoors. This kit includes four 4" satellite speakers, stakes, and an 8" burial subwoofer -- perfect for use with a standard multi-channel or 2-channel amplifier. A two-way speaker design and DVC subwoofer allows this system to play lower and louder, while a simplistic wire management system makes installation easy. Plus, Terrain can be expanded up to an 8.2 system.

Episode® Terrain Series 4" Satellite Speakers and 8" Subwoofer

  • Outdoor installs shouldn’t be complicated. Introducing Episode Terrain: a complete, low-cost landscape solution that can plug into an existing 8-ohm two channel amplifier or powered zone 2 output from an AV receiver. Now you can add a powerful second zone to an existing system without breaking the bank or filling up a rack.

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