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Everything you need to turn your TV into one of our Digital Movie Boards for your home theater room. Just plug our DMP-02 Media Player to your TV's HDMI input and turn your TV into a Digital Movie Poster Board. The DMP-02 will give you all the capability and content as our best Digital Movie Poster movie board. 


Storage 128gb


Includes the DMP-02 Media Player with the "PRO" movie poster app, a premium 10ft HDMI cable, 5 volt 4 amp power supply for DMP-02, 1 bottle of TV screen cleaner, 2 microfiber TV cleaning cloths.

DMP-02 Media player with the DMB Pro app installed.

  • This product carries a 3 month warranty against factory hardware defects. It is understood that the software may contain some bugs and will be periodically fixed with scheduled updates over time.

    No returns unless authorized by Digital Movie Boards. 

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