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Designed with heavier base construction for reduced vibration and improved performance, including the all new tonearm has a removable head-shell making cartridge replacement simple. Automatic startup feature allows the turntable to begin play with the touch of a button, and once play has been completed, the tonearm will be returned to the armrest gently so that the stylus and record are not damaged or scratched. Made of rigid diecast aluminum to produce uniform rotation for smooth flutter free operation. Manual lifter mechanism allows for placing the needle on the record to skip to a different song in the middle of a side. Includes a built-in phono equalizer to connect the player to an integrated amp or receiver that does not have its own phono input.

Denon Automatic DP-300F Hi-Fi Turntable

  • The DP-300F’s 4mm-thick cabinet wall that offers both strength and high density has been beautifully finished with a gloss coating. The straight tone arm and aluminum diecast turntable have been formed in a slim, textually attractive design. With a body width of 434mm, it combines very elegantly with full-size system components.

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