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The Most Advanced Digital Movie Interactive Boards

Designed for upper end home cinemas these movie boards are hand built in house in San Antonio, Texas for a luxurious product that is easily upgradable with new features providing a long and fresh lifespan. The magic is the custom in-house written OS that powers these beautiful boards. No other product gives you the simplicity of "hang it on the wall and power on". No extra cables to run, no other PC's running in another room, no computer programming. Just hang it on the wall, power it on, and start enjoying your new movie board. Everything is pre-programmed to work out of the box. Want more control? Our movie boards include a free webAPP that is compatible with any iPhone or Android phone and tablet. Control many functions like NEXT, PREVIOUS, STOP, PLAY, PAUSE, and more. It's a technological tour de force.

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Digital Movie Boards

Quite possibly the world's best and most feature packed digital movie boards in the world. The perfect home cinema or man-cave accessory. 


Movie Board Pro

The mother of all movie boards. 

Plays movie posters, movie trailers, music videos, movie art paks, screensavers, and more. Purchase additional content from our on-line store. Comes with easy to use WebApp.


Movie Poster Board

The smaller brother to the 

Movie Board Pro.

Plays movie posters only.  Add banners to the upper and lower screen. Includes WebApp to control content.


Retro Arcade Game Board

Play over 850 original arcade games from your childhood. All vertical coin operated originals for a blast from the past. Made to compliment our Movie Boards in looks and style.

Diy Kits

Our DIY kits are perfect for those more adventurous. Just add our Movie Board DIY kit or our Retro Arcade DIY kit to your own spare TV and start enjoying all the features of the kit's bigger brothers. Same features, your TV. Everything is included.

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Movie Board DIY Kit

Everything you need to add the same features of our Movie Boards to your TV. 


Retro Arcade DIY Kit

Just plug the Retro Arcade DIY kit to your TV and enjoy hundreds of original coin-operated video games. Comes with everything you need, including 2 game controllers.

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